the cloud – reshaping the way we work

Intranets started out with very noble ideals, collaboration, knowledge sharing, make implicit the tacit knowledge in the organisation. However, the tight control exhibited by content owners fearing that confidential and or inaccurate information could be shared by employees just about diminished the potential for improving efficiency in the organisation.

Add to this no one seemed to have work out how to make the Intranet an integral part of daily work life. To the users there always seemed to be an easier way to share documents or capture some data for approval. The users mostly saw the inhibitors rather than the value.

Step into the 21th century and social media has taken over. We can now follow and like everything that moves. We are being encouraged to allow employees to connect their social media accounts to business data and use their social contacts as a means of winning business for their organisations. Is social media just another fad? Is there real value in it for businesses?

The rapid rise of social media has seen many Intranet technology providers scrambling to give their Intranet solutions a face lift. But is this enough to provide value in the long run? Is the social revolution here to stay and can we derive significant business value from it?

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